What Is It?

SOL Shelter™ the patent-pending off-grid solar powered charging station that powers mobile devices and small electric vehicles Anywhere.

At eight feet high and ten feet long, SOL Shelter is large enough to seat 4 average adults. Its canopy is made of corrosion resistant aluminum with an automotive or powder coated finish. The integrated photovoltaic panel converts 380-500 watts of solar energy that is then stored in the batteries housed in the reinforced composite base. The batteries provide continuous power to four USB outlets, two 110-volt AC outlets and two cable free inductance charging pads.

More Devices

Everyday there are more and more devices to help us communicate, organize, and to entertain us. Today we rely so much more on our mobile devices that when they stop working, so do we. A dead battery means that we can’t find directions, remember important dates, or stay connected with our loved ones.

SOL Shelter charges your Headphones, Watch, Tablet, Wheelchair, Phone, Golf Cart, Laptop, iPad, Gaming devices and many other battery-powered devices in a place that’s convenient and improves your lifestyle.

Charge Wherever the Sun is Shining

SOL Shelter provides a drop & play technology for your mobile device. It can be placed anywhere there is access to sunlight. The batteries in the base of SOL Shelter store enough energy to provide a charge for 30 days of total darkness before they need to be recharged.

Day or Night

SOL Shelter operates 24 hours a day and illuminates at night to create areas of light and safety anywhere you want it.

Where You Need It

SOL Shelter is an Island of Power™ where none has existed before; opening up all kinds of opportunities for both recreation and convenience.

Locations include:
University Campuses – Stadiums
Sport Arenas & Venues
Public Spaces – Airports – Parks
Hospitality – Resorts – Hotels
Shopping Centers – Retail
Commercial Centers – Office Buildings
Courtyards – Parking Lots

Your Name On It – Branding

Get your brand out there with a fully customizable wrap for the canopy, and set your logo in stone with a personalized inset logo on the base.


Setup – 5 Easy Steps

  1. comes on a truck
  2. forklift off the truck
  3. place it where you want it
  4. drop in the batteries
  5. watch it work

SOL Shelter™ Options

WIFI Hotspot – Live Media Streaming – LED Lighted Advertising – Video Advertising Screens – Touch Screen Directory – Heated Seating – LED Overhead Lighting Timer – Wireless Charging Pads – Coffee Cup Holders – Extra Batteries – Quick Charge Kit – Logo Sandblasted into Base – Complete Advertising Wrap on Canopy – Bluetooth Connected Speakers – Color LED Lighting that Changes – Multimedia Screens – POP Touch Screen Ordering – Security Camera – Electric Vehicle Charging – Cooling Fans & Misters – Customizable Branding Additions

deck image 4b specs


Size: 124” length x 96” high x 68” deep

Base: Composite Stone with standard stone finishes, custom logos available.

Canopy: Formed Metal powder coated with LED lighting. Advertising wraps available.

Power: PV Panel: 380 – 430 watts of power with rechargeable batteries.

Device Connections: 2 – 110 volt outlets and 4 – USB ports. Wireless charging available.

Options: LED Advertising panels, WIFI, Touch screen directories, Multimedia and more.

Note: For additional specifications and options, please contact us at