The Future Human Project™ by SOL Shelter, LLC

SOL Shelter pledges 5% of all profits to fund the Future Human Project.
Thinking with our hearts, as well as our minds

Our Mission

At SOL Shelter we use a percentage of our proceeds to truly make a difference and positively impact our planet. The Future Human Project – our Social Enterprise division – utilizes a variety of innovative and radical designs and products to earnestly contribute to people in need. Something that happens on the other side of the planet affects us all: countries, borders and obstacles should not and will not hinder people from helping other people.

Our Plan

Off-Grid Disaster Relief Shelter Kits Project

Based on current world events, our initial Future Human Project venture is distributing innovative Off-Grid Disaster Relief Shelter Kits to address the massive need for adequate housing and shelter for displaced persons in refugee camps and natural disaster areas.


Off-Grid Disaster Relief Shelter Kit Overview:

Air dropped by C-17 Airplanes – 200 Shelter Kits flat-packed on each pallet – every kit contains 3 weeks worth of food / MRE’s – water capturing and filtration unit – tent features nylon integrated with solar cells – 24”x24” flooring panels fasten together – flooring is made from a bio-based material impregnated with local and regional plant seeds – flooring sections feature an egg crate-like design – shovel included to fill in egg crate pockets with dirt – the dirt stabilizes the structure – the floor is 4” high and allows for water drainage underneath and keeps interior warm and dry – a cushioned pad is placed on top of floor providing comfort – GPS locator on top of tent – LED lighting inside tent – within six months the shelter flooring will degrade into the soil facilitating crop growth for continual food cultivation

Our Future

The Future Human Project will have continual projects and programs on the way; as well as seek additional outside funding and collaboration with other non-profit organizations and corporations who share our desire to make the world a better place.

Upcoming programs will include development and distribution of Homeless Shelter Backpacks™ – an off-grid powered autonomous housing unit for the homeless and the needy in our local urban centers.